Be Fluent NYC is student-centered. We customize the learning experience around you, the student. Whether you have specific goals in mind or if you just want to generally improve your language skills, our one-on-one lessons can help!

Note: most of our students choose to work with a teacher in our classroom space in Midtown Manhattan, but all of our services are also available via online video chat.


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If your goal is to learn or improve your overall English, our General English lessons are for you. All lessons are incredibly personalized, focusing on turning your specific weaknesses into strengths.

Instead of getting lost in outdated textbooks and unnecessary grammar, our lessons are geared towards teaching you real, everyday, spoken English that you can actually use.

Our experienced teachers will guide you through our lesson plans at a pace that makes sense for you. You'll be speaking English like a native in no time!

English For A Specific Purpose

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You tell us what you'd like to focus on and we develop lesson plans around your goals.

Want to learn English that will help you navigate Fashion Week? We've got you!

Need some photography-specific vocabulary? We're on it.

Our well-rounded teachers think quickly on their feet to make you sound like a seasoned professional in your industry.



The price for General English and English For A Specific Purpose lessons range from $38-53/hour depending on the amount of hours your purchase. The more hours you purchase, the less expensive they are! 

We also offer two specific tracks to take your English to the next level.

Business English

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For intermediate and above students who are already working in a English-speaking company (or looking for jobs in the U.S.), we offer Business English lessons that focuses on:

  • Office vocabulary

  • American work culture

  • Formal communication that will help you thrive in a professional environment. 

Work on improving:

  • emails

  • presentations

  • negotiating

  • perfecting small talk

  • participating in meetings

Whatever your business need, we are here to support you. 



Feel like you have a handle on basic conversation skills, but want to improve your accent?

Our specialized pronunciation lessons focus solely on helping you sound more like a native. Our pronunciation specialist creates a program based on your native language and compares English sounds to sounds familiar to you.

 Bonus: Pronunciation lessons improve your listening skills as well!


The price for Business English and Pronunciation lessons range from $56-65/hour depending on the amount of hours your purchase. The more hours you purchase, the less expensive they are! 

Need someone to babysit your child while you take English lessons? Simply add $15/hour to your hourly rate!