Masha, Co-Founder and Director

After teaching at many different ESL schools, I wanted to create a space that focused on the quality of the lessons instead of the factory feel of larger ESL I founded Be Fluent NYC. Having been passionate about learning languages my entire life, it was also important for me to make sure that lessons were practical and easy to understand. Learning a language is not about boring grammar lessons or doing endless exercises in textbooks. Language learning is about engaging with people, understanding the culture, and learning how to communicate in a natural and organic way. Come to Be Fluent NYC and experience the difference.

I can't wait to meet you and start helping fluent! 




Our well-rounded teachers come from varied backgrounds and are great at personalizing lessons. We work to match students with teachers that we think will be specifically helpful to their learning based on both style and personality. Meet some of our teachers! 



Joey's strengths include making complicated grammar easy to understand. He even has the nickname "The Grammar Hammer" at Be Fluent! Bonus: he's an American History buff and is great at teaching American culture, preparing you for tests, and more. He's awesome!



Tracy has a lot of experience helping students use English in everyday situations. She focuses teaching you English that you can actually use (and avoiding teaching stuff that you can't!). She is great at making lessons super relatable based on your specific interests, which will help you learn English in no time...with no fear! She is also very popular with our Business English! students.



Evan is our pronunciation teacher, customizing each lesson based on the native language of each student. He also teaches General English. With either topic, he is very methodical and focuses on a very organized and systematic approach to grammar and pronunciation. If you are used to a structured learning environment, Evan is your guy.



Corinna has extensive experience in teaching English both individually and in groups. Her lessons are fun, educational and usage-based! You'll be sure to improve your vocabulary in her class! She also teaches test prep and business English.  She pushes students to always do their best! She is also our yoga teacher and leads an amazing Yoga Teacher Training Course 2-4 times a year. 



Craig is a writer, philosopher, thinker and knower of all things! Craig loves teaching vocabulary and helping students create good study and learning habits. He also loves to encourage students to have meaningful discussions. He has many specialties including Academic Assistance



Emily has been teaching English for over 10 years. Her strengths are making lessons super fun and engaging, almost to the point where you'll forget you're learning! Bonus: Emily is also really good at academic assistance and test prep as well as



Amanda is full of zest and passion. You definitely won't fall asleep in her lessons! She has an Art History background and is just as great with kids as she is with adult students.



Trevor makes students feel super comfortable. He loves American and Japanese history. His specialty is helping students gain a better understanding of everyday English



Tom is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Tom's students appreciate a soothing, 100% anxiety-free learning experience. Tom is also really good at everyday conversation skills, including common phrases and vocabulary.



Our students come from various backgrounds and levels. Whether you are learning English for business or a student needing help with their American university program or were transferred here with your significant other, you will love our community of international students. We provide cultural resources in addition to English lessons that help students feel comfortable and "at home" when they are at our classroom space in Midtown Manhattan or going about their daily life in NYC.